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  1. I guess I can kind of understand what she means. If you're a loner like I was as a kid books were kind of like an acceptance. Maybe she'll have more friends when she's older like I have now.

  2. I think that for a small percentage of people, they are happier not dealing with their peers who they cannot at all relate to. I know that I was that way. I did have *some* friends when I was in high school, but none at all that were my age.
    Hopefully she grows out of it and does make friends — but some people just go through life as loners and I think if it makes them happy — go for it. 🙂

  3. Couldn't have said it better myself. What a lonely life it would be without friends. Hopefully she will get some as she gets older, but my childhood friendships brought me so many happy memories, that my children love hearing about and so enriched my life.

  4. I couldnt agree more…friendship is one of the most important things a child needs…you have to have a good friend to learn how to be a good friend

  5. Yes that's to bad for this girl or for any child. I can relate to what Amy says. For me there is only one Book who can and does help me get throu life and that's God's Word: the Bible. He is my best Friend and what's more: he's my Father!

  6. Oh that does seem rather sad. I love books too but they could never be any kind of replacement for my friends. I'm sure as she gets older and is independant of the parents she will realise that she needs friends as well as the books.

  7. You know I used to feel the way that 13 year old felt. Most probably because moving so much and having a terribly dysfunctional family left me shy and untrusting with no friends. But now, I know you are right – I'm learning to cultivate friends who do remember and do care and do reach out. Beautiful sentiment you've shared!

  8. I was quite the opposite. I had many friends throughout my childhood and teenage years and then realized (the hard way) that most of my friends weren't worth having. Now I try to only surround myself with positive people and friends that contribute something good to my life. The 13 yr old girl will probably figure herself out later on and become more social OR maybe become a hermit or loner. For now, I can't imagine a better friend than a book for a young girl with all the peer pressure and bad influences that come with money and success.
    Absolutely love your blog! This inspiring post made me de-lurk!

  9. Oh, so true. She definitely should have some friends or at least one. Parents can be friends but still not the kind one thirteen year old needs. As time moves on it will become harder for her to gather up friends but not impossible. It is easier now then later in life I would believe speaking from my own experience and my daughters. One doesn't need many but a few to make life happy would be nice.
    Annabelle ~^..^~ XO

  10. oh that made me laugh ,but I cried more,feel like I,ve been a bit useless recently.Having two babas is exhausting but I,m always available if an emergency should occur!xxx Julie

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