Keeping Myself Amused.

By Alison March 22, 2007 4 Comments 1 Min Read


I’ve just been curled up in a ball laughing in an irrational fashion. What silly beggar persuaded me to turn BrocanteHome into a podcast?? Never have I heard anything so funny as the delightful mechanical little man reading out my posts and putting a whole new spin on every daft sentence I’ve ever written…

Feel free to endure him daily on your ipod as you waft fragrantly around the house in a polka dot pinny…


  1. lauren says:

    Alison, so glad you had a wonderful weekend! You deserve it girlie! The Podcast is hilarious, in a scary sort of way. I think it would be so wonderful if you would read them yourself instead of this odd computer voice they have going there. It just isn't the same without imagining your lilting accent. Funny though…

  2. claudia says:

    LOVE your blog! great ideas, and podcasting too?! amazing!!!!

  3. Helen May says:

    Hilarious!! Broken-tea home!! Ha ha ha!
    Is it me or is this mechanical man saying polka dot pinny the campest thing you have ever heard??

  4. O.K. now, that voice saying words like "yummy" is just so not right! LOL
    Congratulations on conquering yet another section of cyber-space.

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