Keeping Pretty.

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Dear Alice…

As a new bride I know I look radiant today, but how does a woman stay attractive all the time, when, like you, she has a house and child to look after?

Dear HouseKeeper…

Well darling, no-one will believe me but my best beauty tip is to have plenty of mirrors around the house- in the right places!

My dressing table is placed where the light falls on me, not on it, and I have three strip lights fixed to it for night time…

There is a full length mirror in the hall, which means that I can see myself as I walk, and a mirror by the kitchen sink means I see what the caller at the back door will see when I open it…

Plenty of mirrors are not vanity- they are the power that gives us the gift to see ourselves as other’s see us…      

**Extract From Alice About the House, 1960.**

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