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  1. Yay! Alice is back home, safe and sound.
    Oddly enough, I first read your second-to-last sentence as “Your HEART hurts”. You have seemed rather down lately or perhaps discontent. I hope everything will work itself out and that you feel better.
    Maybe you are coming down with something. Go snuggle up nice and cozy in your bed with a hot water bottle against your ear and a warm purry kitty on your tummy.

  2. So happy to read of Alice’s safe return!
    Cat purrs are meant to have restorative properties, so you could try having Alice purr your ear better… Love and purrs to you all xx

  3. Happy to hear your kitty is home. Sad to hear you’re not quite well. It was such a perfectly , stunningly beautiful fall day here yesterday that today’s grayish, blustery chilly day is being ignored while I regale anyone who will listen about the charms of yesterday. Sometimes that’s how I cope. Forget temporarily about the less of today and remember the more of yesterday until tomorrow shows up all bright and sparkly to make me blissful once again. Hope your tomorrow is shinier than your today. Amanda

  4. So glad that Alice is home safe. My tiny kitten Hetty is off her food so I am full of worry and trying to tempt her with all manner of tasty morsels while my other kitten Henry literally hoovers up all the food he can find (including the flower heads from my cape primroses) I am trying to delay the pleasure that is my duvet cover. Hope you feel better soon . Alison C

  5. Hope the discombobulation passes and peace is restored soon sweetheart. Raw times are bad enough without nomad kitties ignoring you 🙂 The what the f-ness and meloncholy will swirl away – just keep hold of the bannister. Everything will be OK xx

  6. i think we are all just a bit concerned about you.there are times-usually after all of the stress has calmed down,at least a bit-that a ‘lost’ feeling follows-i know that feeling,it’s unpleasant and kind of scary,but,it too will eventually pass,just never soon enough.hope things are better for you and your sweet boy glad kitty returned!!

  7. So glad your sweet, naughty, kitty is home. She needs a small tag with her name and phone number. Etsy has some really cute ones. I send you warm thoughts and good vibes from my prairie home. Feel well soon. And, faking it until you make it is a tried and true method. I use it daily! Oh and I bet your front steps are heady! I would love to smell that.

  8. Would that be Hydrangea scented Zoflora by a any chance? I have a large bottle of their Winter Spice scented put away ready for my kitchen floor and porch at Christmas.

    1. It is Alison, I love it… I’m absolutely addicted to it… and yes I’ve got a bottle of winter spice stashed away too. Great minds..!x

  9. Another Zoflora addict here 🙂 I’m hoarding hyancinth … anyone tried Twilight Garden? I can’t believe I’m talking about this lol!!

  10. I went to visit a friend yesterday and we got talking about zoflora (as you do!) and she had Twilight garden in a dish on her radiator to scent the air!

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