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  1. That's quite unsettling. I do flip my lid if I catch my boyfriend spraying aerosol air fresheners about but I have 2 of those plug-in things, 1 lavender and 1 camomile and something. They're coming out right now! Whilst I'm at it I should just bin all those stinky aerosol things too. Inspired by this site I have been trying to use more natural cleaning products to de-chemical my home. Thanks for the info and the inspiration!

  2. I couldn't agree more!!! Those artificial fresheners kill my sinuses!!! I can't even walk down the supermarket aisle they're on without holding my breath!!!

  3. ~shudders~ Those air freshners have also made me instantly ill and no matter how much I ask my mother in law to not spray them around me or at least to spray less of them, she just keeps doing it. No wonder she has killer headaches everyday.
    Of course she wouldn't listen even if I did show her the studies.

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