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  1. Yes I love her too and rather unfairly I think she gets a lot of criticism,but I just adored her shows the last time,Hurrah for Kirsty I say!

  2. Yep, I agree Alison, that girl has her head screwed on the right way where so few others seem to have…… I am worrying myself though about the general theme that seems to be running through all my current girl 'crushes' – Kirsty, Nigella…….. do you think it's because they are the 'wives' all us women wish we had/need in our lives?! Or is it that we aspire to be them? I can't wait for the new Home Made Home series either. We're moving house soon to a real PROJECT (aka: disaster zone) and some new ideas for me to dream about amongst the dust and rubble will keep me sane perhaps! (well, as sane as I'll ever be!)

  3. I think she's a marmite person isn't she? You either love her or hate her like Nigella.
    I really like Kirstie but her #hmwk stuff on Twitter bores the pants of me, perhaps because I'm childless.
    I think she's fantastic though.

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