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  1. It sometimes feels like we Lin twin lives! Yesterday was horrible! Jessica is generally an amazingly easy baby, but she screamed so much round town yesterday, I had to feed her3 times, and people stared at us like I was the worst mother in the world for not being able to make it better.
    A kind lady pushed my pram and shopping to the checkout in one shop, while I carried the baby to try and sooth her.
    I need to work on my comfort drawer!
    I hope you have woken up to a better day…..
    Ps love the idea of a weeping blanket!

  2. I have a quilt that I call my “sick blanket”, that my grandmother hand sewed from small octagons cut out of clothing that my sister, parents and I wore when I was a little girl. It’s precious so I keep it folded in my armoire so I can see it every day but I only wrap up in it when I’m sad or feeling sick. It’s amazing how comforting it is to feel like my grandma is holding me herself. Sometimes you just need a soft, warm blanket wrapped around you.

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