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By Alison May 19, 2014 2 Comments 2 Min Read

Ok Sweeties, as you may have noticed, dear little BrocanteHome has got a new dress on. I have dithered and dithered about re-designing yet again, but after listening to both my Mum and my sister, who view BrocanteHome on iPads, and were finding it ludicrously difficult to navigate because of the big pink dropdown box, I rather felt I had no choice: I would hate to think I was making your life more fiddly than it needs to be!
And so here we have it: a new, plainer, quieter theme with simple navigation, which should be both loading twice as fast as the previous theme AND easier to hop around on a tablet or phone…
I installed it on Saturday and made it live immediately so it is still very much a work in progress and there are a few things that still need changing or explaining to you my lovely readers…
* First up, eyes up and you will see that the life, love and housekeeping logo at the top of  page says houskeeping. Oh yes. From this day forward we are hus-keepers. I will of course, get it changed as soon as possible. I’m a dope.
* In order to streamline running BrocanteHome, the Shop is now located inside BrocanteHome and the Shopify store will be closing. You can access the store by clicking either Brocante Store or downloads. As noted a few months ago, some of the products once available are now only available to Housekeeping superstars before they make their way in to the Amazon Kindle Store.
* This new theme comes with the ability to post “mini-posts” , like the announcement about the Shine Workshop below and the book post a few posts down the page. These mini-posts are a different colour to ordinary posts and can be accessed via the green “Resources” link above.  They will include books I’m currently reading, household tips, videos, pod-casts from yours truly, and announcements for Housekeeping Superstars. However they will only appear on the site and you will not see them if you view BrocanteHome in a reader so do pop over from time to time won’t you?
* As you hop around the site, you may find various pages and functions missing: rest assured, they will be back or updated.
* And finally I am working on bringing the Salon over here for my Superstars so you will simply log in here on the site – but this will take time, so do bear with me won’t you?
I do hope all this makes sense? And should you find any mini-problems I have missed, please do let me know. I would really appreciate it…
Long live Brocantehome.x


  1. Mimi xx says:

    Ahhh, that explains things! I had noticed the pink drop down box had disappeared which is definitely a bonus, but could not find where to log into superstars at all, and some of the posts I have had emails about (the simplicity doll) then didn’t seem to be on the website when I visited…
    All looks fab, and now I know what the changes are am sure I will get to grips with it in no time! So smile your ability to do this kind of thing….I counted it as a big achievement when I managed to get blogger to out in paragraphs!

  2. S says:

    Love the simplified layout and navigation! I also only use an ipad to read your blog and found it tricky to load before and navigate! Thank you x

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