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  1. Move. If this man and extra child are a permanent in your life, then move. And Ste is right; you will leave bad ghosts (and happy memories) behind and then create a new and bigger home for keeps with your beautiful family. Your house is lovely, and beautiful, but it is just bricks and mortar. Home is where you have your best people.

  2. Oh SEO, such a pain! And we are currently house hunting and I want to move but the thought of packing and all of that is overwhelming. Plus it’s annoying right now because there are no options that fit our needs. Hope this is a wonderful month for you! 🙂

  3. I’ve been wondering for the longest time how to pronounce “Ste”. Is it “stay” or “stee” or something else? Is it short for “Steven” in the U.K.?
    I think you should at least have fun looking for a new house. Whether you actually buy one is another story. I love looking at houses even though I intend to spend the rest of my life in this one.

    1. It is dais Stee Dawn… and yep short for Stephen. For some reason, he just isn’t a Steve? And I love the idea of window shopping for our dream house!x

  4. Thanks so much for writing about nugget, Alison!
    I am the founder of nugget and your quote about us made my day 😀
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