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  1. I loved you back when and I love you still! Thanks for the link. I'm headed over there right now with a nice cup of coffee and an empty day ahead of me ( shhhh don't tell anyone I am not busy today!)

  2. Alison, I have followed you from almost the beginning. Your writings have "never" disappointed me…and so many days, you have written about what I feel at that very moment (week 23 of Trash it or Treasure it is a perfect example!). Never apologize for anything you write…and you should write a book…or 3!

  3. It sounds like an interesting book… I often want to like chick lit – but then am disappointed by it. So I'd love to give this one a try. I've been reading along with you every step of the way on your blog – amazing how much can happen in just a few years!

  4. Oh, Alison, I've been such a fan right from the beginning. I always love reading your blog, and how you have shared your life with us. Now I'm even thinking I need a Kindle!

  5. A fellow Geordie broke your heart? how dare he! hope I do not know him or I may have to break his legs,lol! glad your story has a happy ending,this book sounds like a good read xx

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