Love it or Hate it?

By Alison December 15, 2004 No Comments 1 Min Read

Logo Christmas is like Marmite, you either love it, or you hate it.

If you are a woman, the likelihood is that except for a few very precious moments that make all the heartache worthwhile, you hate it. Men just don’t seem to carry the burden in the same way that we do. This Christmas, do things differently. Step outside yourself and the multitude of lists buzzing round your head and remember only what is important.

When all around you are a bit too merry, you still haven’t done all your shopping and Marks and Spencers is out of turkey, take these words, from Simple Abundance to heart, and peacefully, quietly and authentically enjoy the holiday…

"..Be of good cheer. Be not frazzled, frustrated, nor frantic, for I bring you tidings of comfort and cheer. If you do Christmas at your house, you can choose to do it your way. Whatever that way may be. You can consciously decide to be happy, loving, fulfilled, generous, peaceful, contented, spiritual, joyous, calm, festive and emotionally connected to the important people in your life for the holiday this year.

Or you can, unconsciously, choose to be a wreck."

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