*Premium*: Love Letter – Your Body Hobby To-Do List

Last week in the first edition of your commitment to your own Renaissance, I talked about why now is the right time to make your body your hobby, and today I want to finetune that advice and offer you a place to start – a list of to-do’s to gently shift your mindset away from the busywork of life, towards something grounded deeply within you.

You see I know you imagine that making your body your hobby will be hard, and I want to begin by telling you that I don’t disagree. Though our Instagram feed may be filled with glossy people who seem to have both energy in abundance and the peace of mind to channel it, for many of us life is more complicated than that, life in fact, can be exhausting long before we can even begin to imagine prioritising our physical and mental wellbeing over all the other demands on our time.

But we also understand that this a catch-22 if ever there was one: that if we prioritise our body so that wellness becomes something we value higher than the pounds in our purse, we create a rolling stone gathering both gorgeous moss AND momentum! Because simply by choosing to make wellbeing matter we make the rest of our lives seems possible and we slow down the kind of rapid ageing that only hampers us further without mindful intervention.

I know: you’ve heard it all before, and you don’t disbelieve me, you just don’t know where to start for yourself. So here follows a step-by-step plan for embracing your own health and wellbeing: a to-do list of sorts that may seem far removed from the frenzy a slimming club might work you into or the zen a yoga class might temporarily inspire, but will instead ask you to DECIDE to look after you, and help you to move the barriers you have erected in your own head.

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