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  1. I just love my washingmachine! She serves me well! The smell of laundry hanging on the line in the garden, joyfully swinging in the sun and wind make my heart sing of joy! ; )

  2. Last week, my friend's washing machine stopped working; it had frozen up during a cycle because we were having such a cold spell here in Toronto, Canada and her basement is not well heated. Anyway, she had to melt the iceburg in it with a space heater and happily when it thawed, the machine started working again – so yes, she has a new appreciation for her machine.
    On another note, my husband doesn't like the smell of lavender; I haven't found another scent that says 'fresh and clean' as well. Suggestions welcome!

  3. C'est si drôle !!!! et c'est si vrai !!
    Yes, my washingmachine is a star, and I tell you what, she is 7 years old ! I have been taking such good care, (also we where lukcy to pick one that would end more than 4)..

  4. I love my washing machine. It has served my large family well for going on 12 years, problem free. I love it even more so, as I do not own a dishwasher. With a large family, there are many dishes. Dishes that I nearly intimately know, from personally cleansing them each day like I do my babies. My washing machine gives me a little time off.

  5. Thanks for these tips. I definitely need to lavish some care on my machine. I clean the drawer and filter out reasonably regularly(although it's ready for doing right now) but I'll definitely be trying the vinegar and lemon washes to get it really fresh.

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