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  1. Funny you should bring this up, I’m in the throes of renovating my daughters’ room! A new, paneled ceiling, a new hardwood, hand-finished floor, a re-designed closet, wainscoting, a new bunkbed, a floating desk, wall sconces over their beds for reading, the whole works.
    After sanding and painting the walls smooth as silk, and sanding their entire floor by hand, twice, my arms are *ripped*. Best exercise program, ever. I haven’t had triceps like this since my teens. 😀

  2. This summer I decorated the bedroom my two (tall) teenage boys share; the same colour as before. I gave them the choice, they picked the same!
    It does look good, though, and I treated them to grown up bedding. But the draw back is that now the teenage daughter wants her bedroom doing up!

  3. grandson aged 8 insists on Blackburn rovers room – everything. His brother aged 7 thinks he is Bear Grylls so an archaeological look. I hear ya but it ain’t happening.

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