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  1. Oh wow! Simple pleasures that can make our whole week! How lucky and perfect for you! I am the same way when I find the perfect sweater (jumper to you)….it just "begs" me to go home with me. (Which is why they multiply like bunnies in my closet and find their way on ebay or the consignment shop eventually!)
    Happy day for Alison! Happy baking!

  2. Thrilled with this recipe! Problem is, American ya' know, so I'll hafta get the ole' conversion chart out, right.
    Really, my babba's name is Madeleine and I have the little silicone baking thing (royal blue, a bit jarring — the first M-"pan" I've been able to locate) but have yet to use it for lack of recipe, and babba's 18 now — years, not months — and soon to go to college, so I'd better get crackin' if I'm to make her cakes that bear her name before she leaves home and buys them always at Starbucks…. Thanks!

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