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  1. Agree it is an incredible piece of styling, me she has always epitomised the darker side of celeb culture. Egotistical, self-absorbed, a belief of infallibility and a predilection for the "now" religion.Then again, Express Yourself is one of my all time floor stomping tunes and that video! At least the woman has talent unlike that dreadful Paris Hilton et al.

  2. I just wish she'd stop incorporating sacriligious images/acts into her shows, videos and whatnot… She doesn't care that she's offensive to others' religious beliefs, and that's bothersome to me. Talent is one thing; what you do with it is another.

  3. I adore Maddonna, and I too admire her greatly, I get really angry at the press and their judgemental treatment of her,it wouldnt matter what she did, they would still find a reason to pull her apart.

  4. She really has evolved wonderfully. A few rough spots here and there, especially where fashion and decorum are concerned (haven't we all), but overall she's become a strong, lovely woman.

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