Magazine Night

By Alison July 8, 2011 6 Comments 2 Min Read

Hop over to view the calendar on the Housekeepers Circle and you will see that in Alison land, tonight is magazine night- the one night I truly anticipate because having something of a frankly surprising self-disciplined nature when it comes to reading matter, I like to stock-pile my chosen journals and pile them up to enjoy something of a magazine fest in one scrumptiously inspirational evening of pretty indulgence, with scrapbook, scissor and notebook to hand, and a good Rioja on tap.
On tonight’s pile? An extra special Vintage themed edition of Homes and Antiques  (fast becoming one of my favorite mags now that it has fully embraced a deliciously shabby aesthetic), Martha  Stewart Living (though I suspect we are always one issue behind y’all in the US of A…), Oprah magazine, the British edition of Country Living, and of course, the constantly reliable and ever so lovely, Red. Oooh and  few more, but if list them here I will get into trouble with my daddy who once informed me I have probably spent the equivalent of what it costs to mortgage a little cottage in these parts, on magazines alone. Nobody, but NOBODY tell him how much Selvedge costs…
And so it came to pass that this here Vintage Housekeeper, spent an hour or two prettifying her living room in preparation for three hours snuggled under a rosy quilt, with a table picnic of olives and manchego cheese, salami and crusty bread and a boyfriend apparently willing to wait on her hand and foot.

For it will indeed be necessary for him to pull out all the stops if he is divert my attention from the lustworthy Russell Brand on the box (we are going  to be watching Arthur) and showstopping examples of vintage loveliness like this gorgeous paper covered chest as featured in Homes and Antiques and currently available to snap up on In the Parlour
He can but try my Sweets. And don’t we all wish him all the luck in the world with that? I am a notoriously difficult woman to please…


  1. Victoria says:

    Sounds like a perfect evening , enjoy!
    Victoria xx

    1. brocantehome says:

      Thank you Sweetie…, presumably you will be getting a good nights sleep in preparation for tomorrow's Polo? I'm so jealous I can barely speak to you… I'll be painting the bathroom. Again…
      Have fun!x

  2. Your meal sounds delicious … enjoy!

  3. Janeen says:

    What a lovely idea!

  4. DONNA says:

    great to have you back in top form. Thank you

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