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  1. Congratulations! I know the relief of finally having finished the move and now having the fun part of making a house a home!!! Glad to see you back!

  2. OH Alison~ Your post! It gives me strength and hope! I have been feeling all those things with our impending move out of state. We have sold our beloved cottage and wish to be near the ocean where winters do not wreck our lives. But this is scary. We are renting a small apartment until we find our next home and I am in the middle of packing chaos. In a short two weeks we will be at the new address and I shall unpack…but what you are living, the house you have found..well, THAT is what I want too! So, I shall live through you, and BrocanteHome so that I can manage through this difficult time. All shall be well….
    Love, Koma
    PS..leaving our kids and grandkids is a dreadful experience…thank heavens for those bffs that we have!

  3. So glad that you are up and going! I too, believe that faith and patience stablises us through difficult times! But the sun does rise and I’m excited to see what it brings here at Brocantehome!

  4. I’m so glad it is all easing up for you and working well. So immensely BIGNESS happy you are back. I sometimes feel as if the tide is rising up above my head too, that I’ll drown, that noone sees me flailing and then, as contrary nature tends to do, the waters recede and I can breathe again. I think you’ve just got through your high tide, and now the waters are receding, giving you more room to breathe. And see. And feel. And some of my best conversations with my son are while we walk either home from work or school or with the pug boys. 😉

  5. Welcome back Alison!. I am so glad that things have all worked out for you and you are at the start of a brand new sparkling chapter in your life. Alison C x

  6. So happy your move, eventually, went well and that Finn is settling in. I am looking forward to going with you on your journey to turn your house into a home. As much as anything in this life is permanent, is this house a permanent home for you?

  7. So glad for you Alison. Can feel your pleasure right off the screen! Thank you for sharing it with us and sparking an appreciation for all the love one can give to the four walls that enclose all the moments of our lives.
    Thank you again.

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