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  1. Alison … my big baby Cam turned 8 earlier this week. He, of course, was thrilled to be turning another year older (technically just another day but chronologically and for the purpose of statistics … another year!) but I was taken by surprise, as I am each and every time my boys celebrate such a milestone, by the huge range of emotions this stirs in me. I tried to find the words to express the way a mother feels … this 'watching from the sidelines' as you call it … but gave up trying.
    Thank you for finding the words.

  2. sounds to me like ms*Alison is feeling a little clucky !
    I cannot believe that all you did the night before your caesar was tidy up the living room & emptied the dishwasher ! I imagined you scrubbing furiously 🙂
    enjoy your little boy Alison and don't worry too much about him growing up, they have a tendency to do that and you have all the memories in your hear. Lovely post too !!

  3. This has brought back lovely images of when I had Rebecca and started a book of memories to give to her when she was 18. Unfortunately life took over and the book ended up in the loft only to be found again by Bex last week. She was thrilled and quit emotional when reading it but sad that I had not continued to jot things down. So keep up the memory chest Fin (and you and Mark) will love it when the time comes to go over all the lovely things that have happened while he was growing upx

  4. Well, dear, my baby turns 24 on Monday. Reading your post brought those hot little tears to my eyes and opened my mouth in a static little holding of breath, the way I do to escape sobbing. But I always maintained and still do that I don't ever really miss the years that were because as Gerred gets one year older, I just realize I could easily do with (this year) 24 little boys, one for each age he ever was. It gets better and better. Happy Birthday little Finley! and in many ways, Happy Birthday, Alison and Mark. Don't you feel you were somehow born that same moment, as well? Hugs!

  5. What a beautiful post. My son turned 2 this summer and I still can't get over it. It's just like someone said–when you have children, the days are long and the years are short. I don't know where my baby went.

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