Marigold Garden

By Alison July 28, 2011 2 Comments 2 Min Read

Hello Housekeepers, welcome to the first of  a series of collection of utterly gorgeous, infinitely usable images from the ever fascinating Project Gutenberg…
Should you go searching for me on-line, it is highly likely that you will find me browsing the richly laid corridors of Gutenberg, lost in words and swooning over the illustrations to be found in many of the carefully transcribed books, and so for your pleasure and mine I am going to start collating my favourites here…
I am starting with Kate Greenaways “Marigold Garden”, a little book of verse, festooned with pretty images. As all the books featured on the virtual bookshelves are completely free of copyright, do please feel free to help yourself to the images below, each of which I have sharpened and brightened into loveliness…

“Susan Blue”

“Street Show”

“Going To See Grandmamma”

“The Little Queen’s Coming”

“The Tea Party”

“Under Rose Arches”

And finally…”The Daisies”.
You very fine Miss Molly
What will the daisies say,
If you carry home so many
Of their little friends today?
Perhaps you take a sister
Perhaps you take a brother,
Of two little daisies who
Were fond of one another…


  1. JoBea says:

    Beautiful! Thank you Allison.

  2. embroid6000 says:

    The idea about your book “Marigold Garden” is excellent. The cover pages of the books looks glorious. The photograph of this post is live. I have learned some thing new from this post. Pls. keep up your creative posting.

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