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  1. I remember telling my husband one time that I got more excited by what he did for me around the house…chorewise…than if he gave me a big hug. He didn't get it. I think part of it is temperaments. We need different things from one another but aren't always keyed into what those things are. If we want it for ourselves, we figure the other person does too. My husband is very affectionate, and assumes that that's the way to get to me. Not always so.
    You make sense to me, sister!

  2. There is no managing them — they are that way for a reason, I'm sure, but I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. My husband sometimes offers to "help" — therein lies the rub. Don't assist me, do it yourself! If he does try to do it himself, then there's all kinds of whining about "how?" or it winds up not being done to my satisfaction. Usually, the offer of this "help" comes when I'm just about done, thanks, maybe next time, but next time he's off mowing the lawn or doing other "man's" work. I prefer to keep him busy with his own stuff and out of my hair. Love him, though he tries my patience (and I his).

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