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  1. Well, if you read his open letter, you'll probably agree that he went a bit too far in his criticism. He was critical of Matha's daughter, so if I were Martha, I'd be furious. He ridiculed her daytime show and also brought up the lying on IM Clone stocks. Martha replied by saying she was shocked her dear friend could be so mean spirited. And Donald's reply, despite the fact I'm on Martha's side, was so funny… "Hell, yeah, I'm mean spirited about it, and we aren't that dear of friends." It is my opinion that Martha's troubles have many times been in the fact that she seems unable to be or choose a friend very well. She has a few friends that I believe would never harm her, (Rosie, that chick from the Sopranos, etc.) and then she decides Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and who knows who else are dear friends. Politics aside, I don't think Hillary is the "friendly" sort, and although I'm amused at The Donald, he is a pompous fellow and unless he chose to show his inner core (if he has one) I don't think he's really the kind I'd want to count on. I wish Martha the best, but I'll probably still watch Donald. I just think she's been through enough. ????

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