Mary Englebreit.

By Alison December 27, 2004 No Comments 2 Min Read

Allow me to introduce Mary Englebreit…


If you haven’t already discovered her then you are in for a treat. Mary’s is the magazine I take to bed in my cosiest jim jams, a cup of tea in one hand and a bar of Green and Blacks in the other. It is, for home magazine afficionados, pure bliss.

Mary is an artist. She has in her time created over 4000 gorgeous images of children accompanied by inspirational quotes designed to make you smile. It sounds too cutesy for words, but every issue of the magazine is accompanied by a  print from Marys collection and one of those old fashioned paper dolls with clothes to cut out and pin on, and while as I say it sounds a little too sickly sweet, the magazine is a total and absolute joy particuarly if you love vintage and artisan interiors. 

In the UK, Mary Englebreits Home Companion is currently only available in branches of Borders, but you can get a taste of what is in store in any one of the books available at Amazon.

I love her so much that any one time, one of Marys wallpaper images adorns my laptop screen and once a month I make a special trip to a Borders store 30 miles away just to buy her magazine.

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Download this months wallpaper…


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