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  1. Ooh I love Mary Stewart! She is just so cosy and scrumptious! I read Wildfire At Midnight years ago, and always swoop on them in charity shops. I had an Agatha Raisin/Hamish Macbeth odyssey last year too! Happy reading!

  2. I looked up the collection (spiffy price) and noticed it had 'Thornyhold' in it…a favorite of mine. Wonder if you've read her 'Rose Cottage'…another totally cozy read. 🙂 Good stuff!

    1. I'm snuggled up with Stormy Petrel ( and loving it so far!) as we speak and this is my first… so I'm looking forward to the two you've mentioned Melissa…

  3. Oh naughty Alison! just when I am thinking of hunting down a book buyers rehab,you introduce me to more temptation!sound good though,although I have a stack of books to get through and will be invited to the Amazon Christmas party at this rate! xx

    1. Naughty is my middle name Gena. Do you have a Kindle yet? I had thought it might reduce my book spend… but sadly not.

      1. No I dont have a kindle,I bought Katie one for her Birthday and she loves it,but I just love books! I love the feel of a book and the smell,yikes! I am so weird!

        1. Oh I suspect there are a lot of book sniffers around here Gena! But I am finding that it is cheap paperbacks and free Guenbergs that I'm reading on the Kindle and old Viragos and new Persephones I'm buying… which satisfies my own book smelling tendencies completely…
          And yes, I always suspected you were a bit weird! *wink*x

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