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  1. How Fun! Hanging out with a good friend or two can be so fun, especially when you need a good cry or laugh! Do me a favor and have a piece of chocolate and a little wine for me! My four boys have colds tonite and daddy's out serenading at some lovely wedding which will be featured on Style television soon! Have a good night! Susana

  2. I'm so glad that you have someone in a similar situation (though, that sounded like I was glad you had to go through it all, but I think you know what I mean :)…it really does help to have someone who *really* knows what its like.
    By the way, I'm a closet fan of Aldi…its true…

  3. I'm so glad to hear that you both have found a friend who understands whole heartedly the situations you guys are in. It’s so much better to go through it with someone than alone. And it sounds like you two are having some good fun. I kinda miss that. Having a good friend is very precious indeed. Have much deserved fun girls;and do tell of your shopping excursions.
    Annabelle ~^..^~ xo

  4. What fun you have….how wonderful to live where there is so much adventure. Take advantage of it!!!! Be true to yourself and enjoy what life brings your way!

  5. I loved reading this. I was laughing along with the pair of you. You will survive Alison, this proves it. Have a great evening and don't drink all that wine…!

  6. Hi Alison and all!
    What are you like girls! : )
    I can find myself in many things you mention, often I thank God that because of Him I found true innner Peace and the deeper meaning and purpose of Life and what the 'role'of others and myself is, in it! I'm glad that you have good friends who are there for you, I have them too but my biggest Friend is the Lord…He never fails or leaves me, guides me through everything….knows exactly what I need etc. I pray that this will be for you aswell dear…Love and hugs, Cindy

  7. The Aldis in the UK are better than the US – better selection of veggies – I bought wonderful leeks there – I like the people in there – many are impoverished or on a tight budget – humble and respectable trying to stretch their food dollar, makes me think. Lots of little old ladies – I think the booze isnt bad – the Winking Owl merlot is good and the harvati cheese is OK. They also have bags of frozen mixed berries (not strawberries) which are great and
    inexpensive. Waitrose is great too – I got half price quails eggs there – we had them with salt and drinks.

  8. Aah…ALDI, the dusty place where produce goes to die. I went once , being an M&S manager, I had to sate my curiosity as to the netherworld of supermarkets. All I came out with was an itchy head. Arguments of snobbery, how other live etc. aside, a HUUUGE part of our store's demographic is the pensioner. They all must live by my mantra…"Quality NOT quantity." Glad you got youself a dancing partner and hope you have many evenings ahead of glugging vats of red. Just don't drive into the canyon with her!

  9. Its lovely that you have a friend to go on this journey with,but Alison…keep away from Aldi, its not big and its not clever, and the wine is like paint stripper.:)

  10. Oh don't be too harsh on Aldi. Yes it can and does sell some slightly scary items. However if you delve a little deeper they sell the most wonderful Antipasti, which I have to say beats Marks and Sparks hands down, on both price and quality. Their brioche is something special too!
    Be brave, go back again, you may be surprised.

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