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  1. Ahh, these pictures tell a thousand words…
    Dear Ali ~ you are in such an exciting place right now on your journey. You will blossom my friend 🙂
    Bliss and Blessings to You xox

  2. Those photos are so sweet, so intimate. You two obviously have a very very special relationship. I'm so glad to hear that you are doing better. I know that things will only continue in that way!

  3. Hi sweetie – the fog does lift! although those eyes of yours still look a little sad – this too will pass but in the meantime – run yourself one of those scrumptious baths – with all the lovely girlie things & lots of candles and pamper the goddess that you are !!!! blessings & love xoxo

  4. Alison I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear you're feeling better, and to see you and Mr. Finley together. I always brighten at any new posts from you, so I'm glad to just know you're doing ok. Your website is my favorite and I really do miss you when you're not around! Take care, God bless, and prayers once again from across the pond!

  5. You look very nice. I think you lost some pounds and turned younger.
    Some bad things in the end make us a favour: you look very nice !

  6. Good on you lady! He is really cute bless him, oh to have hair as curly as that! How have you not eaten him yet?!

  7. you look wonderful, and finley is as cute as ever, glad you are feeling better,
    take care of yourself.

  8. What touching pics of you and your adorable babba Finley…what a blessing to hear that your moving forward and your heal is healing!!!! Big hugs to you Ali!!! xo

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