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  1. My mother is also a list-a-holic!! Whenever I telephone, as soon as I say hello she says, "Wait! Let me get my list!", and I am left with the clunk of the phone and the faraway sound of her scurrying off to find one of her many lists.
    When she comes back she will proceed to go through her "Maureen" list of items she needed to tell me. Sometimes she confuses my voice with my sister's so I will get read the wrong list of action items.
    She keeps a list for everything — she even has a list of all her lists. Perhaps that's why I am so anti-list and truly do fly by the seat of my pants.
    Usually by the time my mother has finished ticking off the items on her "Maureen" list, I am too shell shocked to remember why I called in the first place.
    Forget the "I survived Catholic school" t-shirt. I need one that says, "I survived a list-a-holic mother" t-shirt!! 😉
    xx ~Maureen

  2. Something I love… To find a huge list of wishes, dreams, complaints, or tasks from several years ago and then to methodically check off all things that are either done by now or no longer important. I love that and it happens often because I don't journal chronologically through my little cute notebooks and diaries. I start many, leave them somewhere in the house, find them often a couple of years later and continue writing in them… I only wish I could have been the copyright for diary of a mad black housewife… I have no idea what that movie is about, but the title fits (almost) because I am truly and undeniably mad…. loved your post, Helen.

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