Me and My Mate

By Alison August 22, 2008 No Comments 1 Min Read

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One would imagine, looking at these pictures, that I am the kind of Mummy who shoves her child into the garden in the pouring rain and makes him beg his way back in again.

While we all know I am indeed that kind of wicked harridan, in this case my scrumptious little boy dashed out into the rain, sprinted around the garden, refused all offers of a cosy hug and a towel and five minutes later stripped naked and took an outdoor shower. 

A little monkey if ever there was one.

All of a sudden every moment with him feels precious. This is the last Summer before he starts Big School and I feel like I’m saying bye bye to my baby and hello to my brand new little boy.

I’m scared witless.

So apologies for things being so quiet on the Brocante front… just one more week and Finley will be in the care of the kind of reception teacher I seem to have dreamt up so cosy is she, and I will be back to human beingness.

Let BrocanteHome begin in earnest then, and in the meantime may there be a few more rainy moments to tuck away in my heart’s eye forever.

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