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  1. Well, I was just 40-something and my married daughter just 20-something when I couldn't reach her one night and my imagination took flight. I called her friend and almost started a search party. After my daughter was located, the friend said, "If I'm ever in trouble, I want you on my side!"

  2. Oh my… you must be my daughter… i as well am a forty something mom with a beautiful blonde 25 year old daughter, that i wart the crap out of when i can not fnd her… i know she hates it too .. but i know deep down when i dont call — she calls and ask Mo, where have you been?? you haven't called me all day!!!

  3. Moms…*sigh*
    Years ago, I got this book:
    where the author relates all of her mother's worry filled answering machine messages. It is hilarious, and I highly recommend it. You'll be able to relate. I sure could.
    Have a *wonderful* date.
    Incidentally, Internet dating isn't so bad. Met my wonderful hubby online. And he turned out not to be an axe murderer.

  4. Oh sorry honey I am on your Mums side! I have a 17 year old who is taking to partying in a big way, thank God for mobile phones! get a cordless phone and take it up in the bathroom, you have no idea what it is like to be a Mum with an over active imagination!
    Good luck with the date(but ring your Mum when you get home) Ha ha !

  5. Tuesday 9.15pm
    phone rings its Alison, hi dad wheres mum? she is here why,she hasn't rung me
    Wednesday 5.20pm
    Mobile rings, Hi mum, where are you, just going for some shopping
    Thursday 4.50pm
    mobile rings, hi mum, where are you? in the car for a drive, I am at your house and Finley is going beserk cause your not in.
    Friday 6.00pm
    mobile rings , Hi mum, where are you?
    Love Dad

  6. Your use of ephemera is really striking and effective. The images, especially this one, and the other old paper examples on your blog really make it visually exciting. It dovetails with what I'm trying to do. Great work.

  7. Maybe we were seperated at birth because we have the same worry wart mother and I'm almost 50!
    Does it ever stop? I swear I won't grow up to be this way!! I promise myself and my daughters!

  8. I think your mum and mine must have gone to the same finishing school! Good luck for Wednesday! I hope you have a great time! (and don’t worry we won’t tell her!)

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