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  1. Lovely……..but I do not know caster sugar. Is this like powdered or confectioner's sugar or just the granulated kind we use for coffee, tea, etc?
    I want to make some for myself and my sis for our coffees but not sure if we have that in the States……forgive my ignorance.

  2. Not ignorance at all! It took me ages to work out that corn syrup and golden syrup are pretty much the same kind! Basically, what ever sugar you would use when adding to tea or coffee, or baking. Granulated would do, but I think that in the States it is something like superfine? Hope this helps and have delicious fun! Mimi x x

  3. Oh, I can't wait to find some vanilla beans! I have the loveliest vintage sugar shaker that I will use for this. I will have a tea party for one….me……just to use it!

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