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  1. “We are letting each other be.” That phrase really hit me. All if us are trying, in our own way to live thru this time when normal has no meaning. Bits of eccentricities are part of daily life now. I agree that we should just let each of us get on with arranging and rearranging the flowers in the vase, lining up the knives and forks in precise rows in the drawer and reorganizing the pantry weekly.
    Your words ring so true as to what alot of us are experiencing in our lives. The good, the bad and the not so pretty. You are a brave soul to bare all of it here for us for us to feel the comradeship with you. Thank you and keep sending your words out to us. They lighten my days.

    1. You are so welcome Barbara… I love it that you have phrased it our “bits of eccentricities”. Perhaps this was the path to authenticity all along.x

  2. Yes, indeed. Very well said!
    We all are coping as best we can. Our adult son, who lives next door but spends a lot of time here because we are the only ones being “safe enough”, is being well-treated for depression and anxiety. He says it feels weird for everyone else to be experiencing the sort of anxiety he has struggled with for decades. He is coping with LOTS of reading (20+ books since this started), music, movies and video games.
    My husband is generally the least neurotic of the family but without his usual hectic schedule of putting on live music events he has chosen to fill his time remodeling our balcony in good weather and building a very intricate model when it’s raining or too hot. He has taken over our usually tidy and rather pretty guest room for this project but I’m so glad he has this to do that I don’t even care.
    I, the introverted homebody for whom this all seems rather ideal, may actually be struggling the most. Or perhaps “struggling” isn’t the word so much as “treading water”. I’m going to take myself in hand this week and get something more accomplished than just the monotonous daily chores.

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