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  1. This post resonates with me so much – being torn between a kind of bohemian summer bliss and the nagging guilt and discombobulation that summer holidays and it’s lack of structure and routine bring! My ‘baby’ is about to turn 18 now though and how glad I am that I have long made the rule that summer holidays are just that – time out from the everyday ‘jobs’ that can wait until days drive us back to our respective workplaces and indoors to do all the overdue tasks when the weather turns rotten! These are the days most definitely to be kind to ourselves and others and live spontaneously – jobs can wait – this may be the last summer I spend with my ‘little one’ at home???!!!! It kind of makes me look forward to that ‘new term’ feeling in September too by knowing I can then get back to my routines and tasks and find my other me again, without guilt and distraction!

  2. It’s okay to take a vacation. A rest. Time with your son, it’s fine and it’s important and you will remember these days.
    Everyone, everything else will learn patience while you recharge.

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