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  1. Alison, you’re not just a good mother you are a brilliant one. As much as I love my husband of 43 years when he stops me sleeping because of his snoring I could smother him!!! We all need our sleep. I still miss my mum and taking her shopping on a Friday so I know what you are going through. Big hugs to you and remember to be kind to yourself.

  2. Oh Alison. All of those feelings and thoughts you are having are recognized by all women everywhere. You are not alone in them. Finley will soon pass this stage, if he is keeping his “concert” at a quiet level I think I would leave it be. It is, apparently, his way of coping. He’s self-soothing, actually not a bad thing at all.
    I hope you never completely get over missing shopping with your Mum on Fridays, I know it will become less painful but a girl always needs her Mum. It seems you are coping as well as can be. Putter your way though each day and somewhere along the way you will smile with your whole heart and know that you’re ok. Praying for you and Finley.

  3. Oh Allison,
    You have helped me understand myself and some of my loved ones. We have rainbow brains.
    That is such a splendid word picture, and explains so very much.
    I am so very sorry for your loss. I truly am.

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