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  1. Such beautiful writing, Alison. It matches my mood today too as I contemplate the goings on in the world and wonder how we will ever realise that the answer is love, not dropping more bombs. Yet realising too that that is simplistic and idealistic , but just wishing we could all return to some lost innocence, where all you need is love.
    Re yoga, have you seen yoga with adriene on YouTube? She has loads of great videos for home practice. I have been doing her yoga when sick routine while I was ill, but today started her 30 day challenge. Her motto is ” Find what feels good” and it feels nourishing. Check it out, I think you would like it.
    Lots of love

  2. I would like to come and have tea with you and crochet blankets or shawls to wrap you up in and to talk and find the comfort that days like Friday leave us feeling we so long for. All will be well. We just have to give as much love as we can to those around us. We have to be the strength and love we need. Thank you for all you do.

  3. Alison…your words carry such depth that keeps me pondering after reading them. Much food for thought. The devastating events in Paris bring the importance of family, friendship and love closer to our hearts. Things that we tend to take for granted. We must be strong and continue to send love out to the world.

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