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  1. Alison,
    I am searching for the right link to be able to subscribe to either the salon or the drawing room in British pounds.
    Please would you publish this link for me? Thank you!

    1. Hi Paula, I’m afraid the memberships are only available in dollars at the moment and paypal automatically does the conversion for you?
      The sign up page is below and at the moment the prices are as follows:
      The salon Monthly is £15.00 (approx)
      The Salon Annual is £127.00 (approx)
      The Living Room is £11.00 (approx)
      Hope this helps.x

  2. Welcome back Alison! So happy that everything is “falling ” 😉 into place for you ! Love the page update ! Happy Autumn ! <3

  3. I was happy to see a new post! Praying for a smooth move and looking forward to posts about and pics of your new home.☺️

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