Moving On.

By Alison November 2, 2005 1 Comment 2 Min Read


Sarah Ban Breathnach’s new book "Moving On" is now available for pre-order on Amazon today. (YEY!)…

The Amazon blurb describes the book thus:

"Building on the success of Sarah’s previous books, Moving On expresses a new-age inclusiveness that allows people of all faiths and belief systems to enjoy her positive outlook on life.

Inspired by her own life experiences and requested by avid Ban Breathnach readers eager for another volume, Sarah helps readers to understand themselves and to use those insights to create a home that truly suits their spirits and their lives.

"We do not know how to move on," Sarah observes. "We have learned to let go, but not move on." This keen insight differentiates this book from other self-help books dealing with life changes.

Sarah helps readers cope with what she calls, "the myriad demands of uprooting one’s life," and teaches them to not only move, but to finally create what she calls, "your own house of belonging."

Like the other books in Sarah’s acclaimed Simple Abundance series, Moving On is what Sarah calls "part meditation, how-to-manual, and memoir."

And I for one cannot wait…

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  1. Savannah says:

    Me either. I have had this book on my mind this week almost day and night, for the plain simple reason that I know I need to MOVE ON, and somehow I'm so postively positive that Sarah can show me how the best of anyone. After all, she gave me abundance, howed me Something More, and then Romanced my Ordinary… Now, then I must wait and flap about trying to move on without the book???? how impossible, huh? Pre-order, it is.

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