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  1. Don’t worry about unpacking everything all at once! Give it 6 months to unpack and rearrange how you want it. Slow and steady!

  2. Praying for a peaceful, joyful move. Transitions are hard but I am excited at that we will share the fresh energy that you will have in setting up your new, happy home!

  3. I am ashamed to say there is still a moving box in the garage that we have never unpacked, 15 years on. And I know exactly what is in it; the china we saved from Peter’s Mum’s house when she died and I (at 8 months pregnant) was clearing and choosing. There are engraved glasses that I know i want, but wouldn’t use when the kids were small (not dishwasher safe, either… but just right for my bedtime water) and a photoframe or two… probably of David as a baby, since she never knew the other two.
    Steve is right, a house is a house. Your home is where you are and I know by the time you have Brocanteed your house it will be your home. Have fun… when it’s all over!

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