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  1. Still not quite sold on the Kindle, but feel free to be as rhapsodic as you like. I immediately went to the web and dowloaded this story. I'll read it when I get a free moment. I beleive my young men are gone camping next weekend. That will work just dandy. Oh, and the painting is by whom? Beautiful.

    1. Hi Jenny, the painting is called "Silent Hours" and it is by Sigmund Walter Hampel. Stunning isn't it?
      Enjoy Mrs Ames… and the peace and quiet!x

  2. Oh dear… Im sorry your house isn't hugging you at the moment, I completely understand how destabilising that can be, I hope you can both come to some agreement 😉 I notice you've switched to The book depository, good move. I have a serious addition to that place (my wish list fluctuates between 10 and 12 pages long…Ahem) Ill be sure to use your links when I inevitably go there now. Megan xx

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