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  1. I love Mrs. Miniver. I can’t remember if I discovered the book through your blog or through the book The Gentle Art of Domesticity (which I may have also discovered through your blog, I can’t remember but it seems likely), and ever since I read it it’s been one of my favorites, sitting firmly on my bedroom bookshelf ready to re-read when the mood strikes me. The movie is nice and all, but the book really puts into words things I’ve thought and felt myself (the chapter on the new car, and how it feels to let go of the old one, is one that comes to mind), better than I could ever put it.

  2. It’s always the scent of the changing season that get me in the most wonderful mood, happy to be alive. This excerpt shows what a talented descriptive artist she is. I especially love the part about the chrysanthemums.

  3. Allison,
    You have plucked a heart string with this post. I couldn't have wanted anything more right now than to read about how one yearns for autumn and to gain our old routines back. Living in Georgia in the states, summer can last well into October. I ache to wear sweaters and not melt every time I get into my oven of a car. I have been floating on autopilot this summer and now I eagerly await the jolt of landing that is late September. As I read the last two lines, a train whistled simultaneously with an ice cream truck.
    I need bronze afternoon sunshine and the smell of woodsmoke.

  4. Oh, to only know the movie is now outrageous! But now that I know there is a book first, it will be shameful of me not to read it, as the movie is my most favorite of WW2. Thank you for sharing this bit of Autumnal loveliness! It is, perhaps the best season, in my book!

  5. I must thank you once again for another book that has enhanced my life. I have learned of and read so many "British domestic home" books from this blog that I would never have found on my own. Every single one has been wonderful and this latest, Mrs. Miniver, has been a real treat. It always calms me to discover, in all these books, written over the course of so many generations, that home-caring is always the great leveler for us…those domesticities that keep us on an even keel.
    I live in the US and was so dismayed when I went to my local book shop, list in hand of the 12 books you recommended at the beginning of the year (a book a month) to find that the shop had NONE of them. I have slowly been gathering them through various means, and each of them has become a favorite. I am so grateful to have found you and your blog. Your musings have brought a light to my life that was not there before. Keep doing what you're doing!

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