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  1. Ahh, such is life! I once read that there are two people for each person, if that makes sense. There is the 'you' that you see- the vomity sheets, tripping over pigeons in your case, setting fire to cinnamon toast and being abducted by a customer on the way to work in mine- and the 'you' that other people see. The other day someone said to me that I radiate a kind of calm grace. Me? Calm? Grace?! Let's just say that it is an image I am glad I project, but I find hard to reconciliate with ME!
    Now onwards, Miss May! You cannot leave us like this! When is this going to be in the Daily Mail? What is this about tv?! Tell, tell, tell please!

  2. Sooo glad you're up and about! How FABULOUS is that interview? Congratulations–keep us informed. I hope Fin is into clean, feeling-well sheets soon. You are a wonderful mother–hang in there! I can't wait to see your photo, please post it here!

  3. Oh Alison, you're so darling! I finished a book recently in which a farmers wife is overcome with a garden that's producing too much food & it's going to waste, too many cows to milk, too many children to feed and too much land to tend to. She sums it up with, "What good problems we have!" With the exception of the vomit, I think you'll look back on this as your season of good problems. Blessings…

  4. Sigh! I trip all the time for no good reason and have to pick myself up whilst looking for little rocks to blame- often in front of people. At least you have a pigeon to blame it on. I think this does indeed make you more glamourous. (delurking for this silly comment- I am here all the time tho:) )

  5. I hope you are able to find your authenticity throughout these distractions.
    Maybe the pigeon was meant to bring you back to reality? Somewhere in there is balance I'm sure.

  6. Oh, honey, you've just been on overload, and the worst kind to feel much of anything at all… good, very good, scary, bad, very scary… all mixed together and shoved in your face simultaneously. You are always and forever authentic. Just we sometimes aren't too comfortable with what's going on. And yeah, we want a copy of the article and the photo posted right here for us US people who don't have a hope of getting the Daily Mail! Relax and be good you yourself! Poor little Finley. Is he okay? Hugs always.

  7. I hope sweet little Finn is better. A book in the works!!!
    How very exciting – congratulations on your new projects!!

  8. Alison, you are so real. Wonderfully real. I think that's what is the amazing appeal about you. Funny, amusing and just real ~ we can all relate…I wish you so much success in all your new endeavors, and when it comes down to it, your a sweet mum wanting to find a special someone to love you and that precious boy…

  9. Oh you're real all right. The whole pigeon and vomit things rather proves it!
    Enjoy all these wonderful things happening to you! If you find, later, that you don't like it, just say "no more, thanks."
    Hoping poor Finn is feeling better!
    God bless.

  10. Isn't it funny how sometimes something as simple as tripping over a pigeon can make you reflect on your life. You just have to get back up again and then make pigeon stew…ewww

  11. Wow, fame and hopefully fortune. How exciting! You've worked hard and deserve it and I'd be guessing that once you adjust you'll still feel pretty real. And being a mummy will always bring one back to earth, I find.
    I've been meaning to write and thank you for your link to Mrs Washalot too. Thank you.

  12. Just go with the flow Alison, you can always step back and say NO if you don't feel comfortable about doing anything. But I can't wait to see you in the Daily Mail! Stay true to yourself, the real you which comes across in your blog is what we all love about you.
    Hope Finn is feeling better.

  13. Just be grateful for the good things that come your way, without finding a reason to whine and gripe about them. Don't mix every happiness with a complaint.

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