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  1. Oh gosh, I just had to laugh at this post. My daughter has hair like Finns. She is 22 now, but, when she was 3 and had a mass of curls on her head she would scream like a banshee when it was shampoo time.. I would sing Elvis to her and somehow we would get it done. Now she loves her curls and wouldn’t think about going around with dreadlocks!

  2. Aahhh, just wonderful! I especially love " I will die of the headache"! How fantastic is that! I shared this gem around my family and friends, it is destined to become a classic. Finn, you are putting British comedy writers to shame!!

  3. What a little man. Enormously lovable, and oh, so very smart. Oh, Alison. I think you'd bettyer not blink because these are those years that are just gone in such a minute. Love you.

  4. Love your site! You make me laugh. My little girl insisted she was Chinese when she was 3. Now she insists we celebrated Hannakuh in past years, which we haven't.

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