By Alison July 27, 2008 2 Min Read


Ooooh this is a moral dilemma if ever there was one.

On the one hand I am
so excited I could squash a grape and on the other, even just visiting Mygazines make me feel as though I am
browsing the aisles of a department store abundant with stolen goods. Yummy things the
shop owner wants me to stuff furtively down my trousers.

Mygazines is a
really rather wonderful concept: users upload the latest copies of their
favourite magazines, then others can, in the virtual equivalent of flicking
through a mag, sit in front of their computer screen and read the entire thing.
For free. Nada. Nowt. How strange is that?

Every magazine you can
think of is there: you can browse by magazine or article, and in a touch of
genius, save all your favourite article to your own folders, aka your
"Mygazines" for reading later. Tis a beautiful thing. Except….

Isn’t it the
publishing equivalent of daylight robbery? If only one person buy’s the mag and
the rest of us read it online, how will the publishing companies continue to
prosper and thus continue to bring us great writing and gorgeous photography?
And when all is said and done, propping a laptop on your knee just isn’t the
same as curling up in an armchair with the latest edition of Mary or Martha is

And so my verdict is this: Mygazine is an astonishingly useful tool for
archiving your favorite articles online and downright fabulous for getting the feel of a
journal you’ve never read before…but there will always be a place, first and
foremost in my heart for the giddy excitement of hearing the soft thud of this
months Vogue landing in my porch.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on
Mygazine… Go have a play and then come back and tell me what you think…

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