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  1. WTH!? What a clod!I think at this point I’d be weaning myself off the milk and spike my coffee with whiskey and eat my cereal with…well…dry. Did you know you can freeze milk? Pour a bit out for expansion and shake well once it’s thawed. Buy it in bulk and push that milkman to the curb!

  2. Charitably, your Milko could be somewhat deaf (SHOUTY) and socially-challenged or unused to chitchat (amazing how many people just can’t do everyday pleasantries). Also some chaps are intimidated by women/are shy, bless – and it often comes across as rather abrupt/rude (think Mr Darcy). I couldn’t be doing with the hair-patting thing though.

  3. Wow, what a monkey. I use supermarket milk, never had much luck with milk delivery. Either gets “borrowed” by school kids or spoils in the early sunlight. And there is nothing wrong with either renting or being a single mother.
    Live the way you choose without causing others pain and you are a ray of sunshine in my eyes.

  4. I’m certainly not excusing his rudeness, but I can’t help but wonder who is other customers are and do they get this sort of unasked for conversation.
    So I take it you are now back to supermarket milk? I do sympathise with your desire to have home delivery. Its so comforting, isn’t it. To know you will have fresh milk available (and other groceries too if the last milk delivery service I had is anything to go by). One less thing to have to drag yourself out of the house for when you least feel like it. Frankly I’m surprised milkmen still exist.
    Hope you are feeling better too by the way.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me the lack of filter some people have. They just spout off whatever enters their mind, never pausing to consider that what they are thinking is best left unsaid. I mean, everything that enters the mind isn’t worthy of being spoken!
    I’m so sorry you were hurt by the man’s rudeness and lack of tact. There are many ways to live a life, and renting a home and being a single mom are certainly acceptable ways of doing so.

  6. Oh my. You know, after the first couple sentences, I thought, “You have milkmen? I am so moving to the UK,” but…but…oh my. Words fail.
    Hope you’re feeling better otherwise.

  7. WTH? He’s off his rocker! Alison, you need to find a milk delivery that mails you the bill so you don’t ever have to interact with a milkman ever again.

  8. It seems to me, he is socially challenged. I know several people with mild autism and they ask awkward questions and put forth their opinions forcefully. It’s very startling when you are not expecting it.

  9. OH for criminey’s sake, Alison! What a rude and insufferable man! I think that I agree with Lynn and would consider other options (a bit more fun, too~ hey?)…sheesh…I am rather appalled. But I must say, your hair is looking pretty wonderful these days! Your picture posted a bit ago, was beautiful!

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