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  1. Oh my gosh…I'm sorry that you had such a bad week, but your post made me chuckle and chuckle. I've had days like that myself! I have two boys who have had and still have their mischievous moments. Beware, you've only just begun. LOL Thanks for the smiles today. Hope your week gets better.

  2. Your neighbour needs a spare set of keys!!!! If this is the first time your child has been on one side of a locked door with you on the other, then well done!!!! I do it with alarming frequency I'm ashamed to say. Lots of spare keys with everyone you know helps. Hope this week picks up with no more encounters with ladies from Southport!!!

  3. one time i rolled over on my curling iron…made a huge blister on my thigh that looked like a fat, albino, alien-like worm attached to my leg. i had decided to sit on the floor and curl my hair, etc. never done that again. this too shall pass.

  4. Least he did'nt put spuds dowm the toilet like a certain family member who shall remain anonymous!!!….you know who you are! You brighten up my day Ali please don't ever change.xx

  5. Oh my! In all this, it is obvious how much you love your little boy, and love certainly conquers mountains! I badly burnt my hand on an oven burner — keep your skin from getting too dry when it heals, and when it does, it will heal smooth as a baby's bottom (and no, I don't pat my newly healed hand)! =)

  6. OH dear Alison. Weeks from hell like that leave us all feeling flumoxed, you know.
    You are indeed already grown up. Life just happens. That's all.

  7. Never Ever Stop listing your 100 Favorite Puttery Treats or other 100 things lists – I love your blog, and those posts are some of my favorites!

  8. Oops its been a mad old week for you queen hasn't it! Don't worry about the Southport woman, they are all a bit.. as my mother would say, fur coat no undercrackers…. (on her politer days that is!)

  9. Oh Alison,im glad it's not just me who has weeks like that! At least it makes life interesting.The bad days make you appreciate the good even more.

  10. UGH boy do I know the feeling … you turn your back one minute on a preschooler, for ONE second even, and all hell breaks loose …
    Thank God he was okay in there, it's a testament to your good mommyhood that he wasn't up to mischief in the house!!

  11. Okay, I'll top that. Today, coming home from my part time job that demands a full time schedule trying to beat the school bus that dumps my girls on the front porch, and screaming at the people in front of me who drive like idiots, I finally turned onto my neighborhood street and noticed chickens waddling down the sidewalks followed by stray bunnies eating godknowswhat in the neighbors yard and two dogs frolicking aimlessly about down the street. My front gate had been left open by errant children last night and my menagerie was set loose upon the world. Picture me in my stockings and work clothes herding chickens (yes, I know) rabbits and stupid dogs who think it's playtime back into the yard. (This is what we get for being so eccentric.) I finally get home only to find the garage door won't go up so I have to go in through the front door only to see that my hubbie's new puppy has deposited a gift right in front of the pet door, not daring to actually go OUT the pet door to deposit said gift. And then as I change from work clothes to mommy clothes peering out the curtains for the bus I see my mother-in-law turning into the drive come for a visit. Sigh. I'm right there with you, babe!

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