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  1. Yes, contentment is a blessed thing. I’m all for it. I do recommend trying PG Tips. Maybe you’ll like it better, or maybe you’ll find out that it was Tetley all along that you were right in sticking with. But I do love my PG Tips. Should I try Tetley? 😉

  2. PG Tips! Yes, you must – 🙂 and have a Tunnocks, too. My favorite comfort items and I hope this brings you a smile.

  3. A wonderful, inspiring post as always. Definitely PG Tips for me. Have you started to clear the loft of unwanted clutter yet? I’m sure when that is done you will feel emotionally lighter and the foundations of your life will be even stronger.

  4. Oh, you have been so near my thoughts. I loved this post. Yes, it is scary to change your tea bags. That being said, I did change recently to Thieves toothpaste… Oh, what a tingle. Lol…
    I think red patchy hair sounds fab and moxie and sexy! I’m forever in your corner, no matter what changes you do or don’t make. … Gayla

  5. Darling,
    I just love you so. Of course we don’t need to make sweeping changes, but a refreshing change just may make you appreciate what you do have. I imagine you are stunning as a redhead. Your glorious mane is a part of you. Rock that red! Blotchy or not! Look at it as….a new “highlight” Just say its the latest “ombre” It’s never a mistake…it’s a new look. You rock that look girl! I am currently rocking light red roots, about 2 inches and the rest of my hair is dark auburn…I forgot to add the dark brown to the red mix. I am calling it spring ombre…who gives a hoot. I am me. I can change it later…but for now..Cest la vie. Spring Ombre…

  6. Alison darling,
    Have a look at this blog..Elizabeth Victoria Barnes. I happened along her blog as one of her posts went viral. “The Kingdom Mirror” She is absolutely hilarious. Brocante and her blog are the only ones I follow. She is American, lives in Philadelphia. Her sensibility is much like ours. She has a Victorian house she and her husband are renovating. Her sense of humor is stellar. She has a penchant for Giant Fancy Things…and she takes us through the trails and tribulations of searching Craigs list and auctions and trying to convince her long suffering husband that she absolutely cannot live without these things she finds online or on the curbside…or garage sales.. I hope I’m not being disrespectful by informing you of this blog. No disrespect intended. Just for your enjoyment. … I’m Canadian….we apologize a lot. LOL….

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