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  1. I am not alone then in having hysterical pinny-sobbing moments! Several months ago, at ten to midnight, I was to be found kneeling on the kitchen floor, sobbing my heart out as my meringues just wouldnt work! I had a bowl of what can only be called goo, some refusing to cook in the oven, and I had to have them done- or the world would end! I hope your misbehaving washing machine gets sorted out! Perhaps one of us should design a detachable pinny sob-patch that could be thrown into the wash!

  2. Oh, Alison… That is what Gerred calls a "No-good, very bad day" after a book he read in elementary school. Gosh, I hate those! — take care.

  3. I had to look up Halloumi because I had never heard of it. I guess I'd cry, too, if it burnt because in the US it looks like it costs about $65/for six small 4-6 oz. packages??? Does it taste like Brie? Eat some for me! White towels and white carpet, huh? I'm way out of my league, Alison! I always thought so! (HUG!)

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