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  1. Oh, Dear! It is what I feared! I dare not let my fingers rest on one! I, the one who rhapsodizes over the weight . . . the texture . . . the scent . . . the perfect loveliness of a book! I who had long chosen a profile photo of myself, smiling largely whilst holding an ancient tome in the basement of Princeton Seminary Library . . . where I cupped my hand to waft the scent of ancient books past my thrilled nostrils . . .
    If You love it, than like a reformed alcoholic, I will not one rest in my palms for fear of lapsing! Oh, no! On, no!

  2. Whoa baby! You made my heart jump into my throat when you said you won't be blogging anymore. Thanks goodness it's not true!
    BTW, have you published your blog on Kindle? That way us Vintage House Keepers can get your updates via our Kindle (which of course is on my xmas wish list).

    1. I'm not sure I could survive without blogging now Lydia, but I do like my little jokes don't I??
      As for Brocante on the Kindle it's on my stupidly long list of things that need doing, will let you know when I get to it.
      Have a lovely day.

  3. It's a wonderfully special man who will buy a girl a Kindle, dash her dreams with shifty eyes & tell her he is not buying it, then surprise her with it after wrapping it in bows. What other delightful suprise tricks will be up his sleeve to come? 🙂 He's making life FUN! Happy for you!

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