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Ooooh the dratted t’interweb. If it’s not one thing, it’s your Mother.
Though I suspect it will turn out to be the long term love of my life, there are days when me and my lovely little home on the world wide web risk falling out big style as we like to say in these ‘ere parts.
But enough with the colloquials and enough, enough, ENOUGH already with the erratic business that is Feedburner. One day it feels like delivering my posts to my darling subscribers and the next it’s down the doldrums and doesn’t feel like doing much of anything really. Not the job it was designed to do. Not counting my subscribers in a sensible fashion so I know whether I’ve got one lovely reader or a couple of thousand on any given day. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.
But today, steamed by pre-menstrual power I have declared that enough is enough and readers I have absconded.
From now on your feed will be delivered by Feedblitz, and while you shouldn’t notice much difference at all, I thought I had best mention it in case, as these things often do, things went a bit pear-shaped.
Because lets face it, pear-shaped is never fun, so do let me know if you don’t hear from me for a while won’t you? Or if you feel like making sure that your little dose of Brocante will continue to arrive, then simply re-subscribe by clicking this link, or have me and my homely little mutterings delivered rather swankily, directly to your in-box, which is I rather think, like having an old friend drop by…
And Darlings I would so love to drop by.
(P.S: You know The Vintage Housekeepers Circle is alive again too don’t you?)
(P.P.S: I bet you get scared when I’m this efficient don’t you?? But Honey Pie’s it is September and I do believe that is sufficient explanation…)

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