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  1. Visiting you is always such a stress reducer. I want to pull up a chair by the hearth and have some of your flourless chocolate cake. Not to mention that I wish I had a pair of reindeer socks. Hope that your little one feels much better today.

  2. I love what you write Alison, you make life seem so cosy! I hope Finn is better soon, poor little bairn.
    Take Care

  3. I love reading your site! You can even make a bout with illness sound blissful – I need to transfer some of that to my household. Thank you for your delightful posts and glad the boy is on the mend!

  4. All my best to Finn's speedy recovery! A local radio station in here (Minnesota, USA) has begun the Christmas marathon of music 24/7… and its heavenly!! I can't get enough of it! And, in the effort of yumminess, check out – they hand make bags, and the fabrics they have just make your heart sing! I should be receiving my in the next few days, it shall be scrumptious! Wishing you well, Alison, your blog is always an inspiration and I feel like you and Finn are part of my life now!

  5. I wish poor old Finn feels much better soon. I say poor old Finn, but how lucky is he to have a Mummy that makes being off school sick so much yummy fun?! Childhood memories are made of these times Alison.
    As much as I never wish being unwell on anyone, if my little girl says she feels a bit iffy, it's all I can muster to be the dutiful Mum and tell her she'll be ok and send her off to school – I REALLY want to say "ok, lets have a snuggle day then!" and have one of those magical times of blankies, old films, home made fancies and to hang with the housework – just to love being able to 'mother' my big baby! Special stuff. xx

  6. Poor Finn!
    Do enjoy your shopping, it sounds so wonderful! I miss visiting used bookshops, they're such wonderful places to lose yourself for an hour. 🙂

  7. Poor little guy! I have some severe food allergies that rival the symptoms of Celiac (I was in fact tested for that in the beginning of my journey) so I sympathize. He'll be on the mend soon. Your afternoon off sounds utterly wonderful!

  8. I love the wonderful, adorable picture of pixies painting pumpkins!! Would you please tell me how I can make my Brocante Christmas planner velvet ribboned?

  9. My prayers for Fin's health – what a lovely mommy he has to help him through these trials. Your afternoon sounds like the perfect remedy to any "sick day", Alison! I can just imagine that wonderful bookshop couple!

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