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  1. Oh dear! How about some hot honey water? Hot water with a huge dollop of honey to soothe and to help keep warm. Add a shot of whisky to help sweat the temperature.
    Minus the water for you! (but only at bedtime!)

  2. Oh dear! I completely sympathize. The last week has seen 3 out of 5 of us with a stomach virus and everyone with colds and bad coughs. You should see my house – actually, you don't want to see my house! ;p
    I hope Finley is on the mend soon! Night terrors are just that, for both kids and parents. Keep well, enjoy your stack of magazines, and hopefully get some sleep tonight.

  3. Night terrors are exactly that, poor both of you. I have often found that a spoonful of icecream immediately before the spoonful of medicine will numb the tastebuds ( as well as being a teensy bit of a bribe…) and a second spoonful afterwards continues the numbing effect and acts as a reward. I know you have to be careful with Finns foods so perhaps an icecream substitute lives in your freezer 🙂 And icecream is excellent for sore throats too 😉 Gill.

  4. Poor little guy. Nothing worse than have a sick little one, especially at night. Hope you and he both have a better night tonight and that he is fully recovered very soon!

  5. Ahh poor little soul! its that time of year sadly,all kinds of horrors lurking about,hope he gets well soon and hope you manage to get some rest xx

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